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\ kən-ˈkres-ᵊn(t)s
1. increase by the addition of particles.
2. a growing together : coalescence.

A framework for emergent innovation

We are on the cusp of a great transformation.

New foundation technologies - the Internet of Things, the Internet of Value, the Internet of Money, and the Internet of Energy complemented by Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, robotics, augmented reality, and 3D printing - are uniting through trusted collaborative global communication.  

This union of decentralized systems is creating a new environment and conduit for deep innovation to benefit humankind; innovation that is concrescent with today's emergent development and acceleration in the future.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution

"What I'm suggesting to you is that this could be a renaissance. We may be on the cusp of a future which could provide a tremendous leap forward for humanity."

- Jeremy Rifkin

"Every intellectual revolution which has ever stirred humanity into greatness has been a passionate protest against inert ideas."
- Alfred North Whitehead

Method and Architecture


Concrescence open source software and change programs create the foundation for growth and abundance in the new economy based on peer-to-peer relationships, the collaborative commons and open innovation.

In the 20+ years since the Internet has gained mass adoption we've seen technology transform our lives in many ways. The Internet has changed the way we think, shop, do business and communicate. Information-based industries including publishing, music are education are already being redefined. We're now moving into a new era which promises to have a broader and deeper impact across all aspects of our lives including social and business structure, economy, and manufacturing.


We're now in the early stages of The Forth Industrial Revolution. An industrial age is defined by communications, energy, and manufacturing capabilities. In its first phase, the Internet has already redefined communications. Now in the next phase, energy and manufacturing are about to be transformed through a convergence of new technologies: robotics, 3D printing, and blockchain-based smart contracts, along with globally connected devices and sensors.


Human / Social

People Centric

The advent of radically decentralized computing creates the foundation for global collaborative development and cooperation. A new emergent organizational level is now capable of completely novel contributions to human civilization and life on earth.  

Decision Making

Trim Tab

Inspired by Buckminster Fuller's description of the "smaller rudder" that efficiently moves a ship's larger rudder the Trim Tab Guidance System utilizes AI, machine learning, and stakeholder governed Intelligent Living Charters for the most effective use of large data to realize goals and purpose.

systems / process

Connected Framework

The Connected Framework is a layered archecture enabling comprehensive and global interoperability at an industy scale.

Big Data and Iot

Purpose Driven Ledger

Once an intent is selected for the ledger every interaction may be compared to a series of parallel options, if one of these options allows the ledger to move closer to its goal it will be offered up to the user. Over time by selecting these behaviors the users (systems) behavior may be modified and the ledger moves closer to its target. As the system develops and learns suggestions may be offered by the ledger and not users themselves.

Internet of Things

The IoT is the physical and algorithmic infrastructure of the emerging noosphere or "global brain". Our understanding of the world is defined by our perceptions. As billions and ultimately trillions of sensors and devices are brought online the foundation is being created for novel ways for us to view our world. The Internet of Things is the tool that enables the Internet of Everything.


Internet of Everything

The IoE includes the noosphere. At the root of the primary definition of noosphere is a dual perception: that life on Earth is a unity constituting a whole system known as the biosphere; and that the mind or consciousness of life - the Earth’s thinking layer - constitutes a unity that is discontinuous but coextensive with the entire system of life on Earth, inclusive of its inorganic support systems. 

Purpose Driven Industry

Intelligent Living Charter / Connected Industry Framework

Seafood Commons

The Seafood Commons is a collaborative social venture established by global seafood stakeholders across industry sectors, regulatory agencies, and society.

The Seafood Commons is currently being developed as an implementation of the Purpose Driven Coherent Industry Platform.

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Circle of Life-Mastery

Our not for profit Living IO Consultancy
Circle of Life-Mastery, 501(c)(3)

CLM our not for profit consultancy for social change and large-scale transformative projects. Circle of life programs include Transformative Communities consultancy and The Living IO framework for the creation of Purpose Driven Ledgers.


CLM Programs

A Living Universe

Technology and evolution in a living universe

Transformative Communities (TransComs) is CLM's consultancy focused on technology and social development in a living universe.

An Architecture for Evolutionary Change. TransComs brings together the full range of talent, theory, and systems required to influence policy and help global communities make a value-enhancing transition from the industrial age to the information age.

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The Living IO

The Framework for a Purpose Driven Ledger

The Living IO is be based on effect - and always oriented towards positive effect, the effect stakeholders have on each other, the environment and society. 

As a trail of information is  created in the form of data. When analyzed - data describes our actions, decisions, preferences, movements and relationships, a codified version of who we are - becoming more complex developing, changing and deforming based on our actions in this regard this Ledger of our data may be considered a Nemarkiean Genome - a constantly evolving representation of who we are.

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Immutable Ledger

Smart Cities

Open Source Culture

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Advanced Charting and Visualization

Global Community

High Security Standards


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